3 Women, 25-35,

stopped to look at a dress on display

Five customers ordered coffee

without any food in last 30 minutes

7 people used the

touch screen store directory

Jewellery store display

attracted more senior people

See, study and analyse your customers, their browsing behaviour and purchase patterns. Grey Cells can help you transform
your video footage into intelligent insights to create winning marketing strategies.

Artificial Intelligence: a sphere of booming investment and enormous growth opportunities

Welcome to Grey Cells

Making Artificial Intelligence work for your business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only changing the way we live but offers an enormous opportunity to revolutionise the marketplace. On the one hand, customers get an improved experience at every point of interaction; on the other, retailers can develop strategies based on powerful insights and key observations recorded and analysed by AI working with their CCTV footage. What used to be just standard video recording can now be a treasure of invaluable information to grow your business. Interested?


Grey Cells brings to you cutting edge technology to transform understanding of consumer behaviour and shopping style. Our software uses existing security video streams and predicts how customers engage and behave within any physical space, delivering actionable insights.


Grey Cells software can be used across a wide range of businesses in the retail sector. We empower shopping centres, stores and supermarkets with invaluable data which converts a standard retail approach into an insight-based strategy.

Better sales insights.
Better customer experience.
Better results.

Surveillance cameras at commercial places are seen as nothing more than digital eyes, passive equipment useful only when actually used for past footage. But this will change completely. Grey Cells software with Artificial intelligence will give surveillance cameras digital brains to match their eyes, letting them analyse live video and turn it into critical information. This information enables business owners to create personalised marketing strategies. Our technology can help create better product recommendations, help consumers find what they're looking for and improve efficiency internally.

Know more than what the cameras can see. Convert information into
actionable intelligence

How Grey Cells technology can
revolutionize retail business

  • Better pricing decisions based on data driven insights
  • Personalized messaging with pre-emptive communication templates and content
  • Targeted Promotions based on purchase pattern of customers
  • Product recommendations based in behavioural trends
  • Better customer experience, greater choice

Analyzing a customer’s engagement, behaviour, demographics & gestures by
understanding the customer journey

Virtual Reality

Not just for gaming, a game changer.

There is more to virtual reality (VA) than gamers battling invisible enemies while wearing VR headsets In fact, the impact of this technology on business could be even more powerful – affecting everything from buying to selling and everything in between. For business owners, VA offers a visual method to showcase your product and its USP to your customers over long distances. From Retail to Real Estate, the applications of Virtual Reality are endless. Consumers also benefit greatly from it – they get a much closer, immersive experience of a product or service before buying it.

Grey Cells is all set to let you discover the great advantages of Virtual Reality for your business.

How well do you know your customers?

For most businesses it’s a million-dollar question, the answer to which always keeps changing. Customers, like all of us, are human beings and cannot be linked to any pattern of behaviour. However, if studied and observed in detail, they can reveal an amazing amount of information which can provide great insights into their thinking, actions and response to visual and verbal messaging.

At Grey Cells, we specialise in technology that helps you discover and develop such insights. Our video analytics software turns your surveillance cameras into super smart devices that capture minute and potentially invaluable details which can help you devise personalised strategies to engage with your customers.

Experiential Marketing

As the name suggests, experiential marketing is the practice of encouraging consumers to experience the brand and participate actively in the campaign. Research shows that customers respond much better to a product or service they can experience compared to just reading or hearing about it.

Immersive Experience

Shopping or making a purchase decision has always been a very visual as well emotional exercise. Today, digital technology can give viewers get a complete sense of owning, using or experiencing a product.

Increased Engagement

Marketing communication today is all about engagement. Using VR, when you empower a potential customer to be able to move freely around your business and engage with any content that you wish them to see, the level of engagement reaches its highest point.

Quicker Decisions

When a potential customer has engaged successfully with a new product or service, their decision-making is going to be fast without being rushed. For marketers, it is an ideal situation because customers process information through VR quickly, reducing the time needed for understanding the product or service.

Grey Cells – Partnering with the best

Grey Cells is working closely with some of the most exciting names in the industry to bring cutting edge technology to Australia. Our software is suited for almost all businesses in the retail sector – shopping malls, supermarkets, grocery stores and a lot more.


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