Shopping Centers

Shopping centers or malls are much more than bustling market places. They also provide a great opportunity for our clients to take a closer look at the buying and browsing behavior of their customers. Mall owners equipped with Grey Cells AI-driven insights can create great customer experiences. By harnessing video data to generate visitor analytics in real time, we empower clients to design smart strategies to boost business.

Data captured can be analyzed and harnessed to reveal an amazing amount of information for the marketing team to get a clear picture of the dynamics of the shopping mall traffic. By utilizing the power of our artificial intelligence (AI) software applied to the video data from existing onsite video sources we help shopping mall owners with the following insights:

  • How and where shoppers flow throughout a mall to maximize leasing, marketing operations, and property development.
  • Which businesses attract the maximum traffic to the mall.
  • Know about the mall’s tenant and property health with AI-driven insights
Property circulation

Visitors occupancy at the mall – entry, exit and journey though the mall. We can track visitors throughout the mall identifying “hot spots,” the ebbs and flows of footfall traffic throughout the day and even correlate occupancy with the day’s weather.

Tenants health

Understanding what draws the highest numbers of visitors to the tenant—especially anchor tenants. Grey Cells technology can provide daily, weekly and monthly reports on tenant activity.

Cross shopping patterns within the mall

Flow of customers from tenant to tenant. Cross shopping analytics helps you see the most popular movement of visitors during their shopping visit.

Powerful demographics data

Buying behavior has 3 main parameters - age, gender and emotions. Grey Cells’ most advanced AI-driven technology can compile visitor demographics and correlate this information with a tenant’s footfall traffic, time of day and holidays.

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