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Grey Cells is in partnership with leading providers of AI based Video Analytics platforms. Our flagship product NorthPoint Analytics is the first AI platform-built grounds up with powerful deep learning algorithms, bringing AI for the physical world markets such as Shopping Malls, Retail Stores, Groceries, Buildings and Events.

Grey Cells platform uses a robust, highly scalable, easy to deploy platform and is available to customers with various options: Private Secure Cloud, On-premise and as an Edge Compute Solution.

AI for the world of retail marketing is now on your fingertips.

Key Features of our Analytics platform

Our powerful features are flexible and adaptable to the client’s requirements.

Occupancy Management

Now you can quickly know how many people are at your property, in your store or at your event. Go closer to your customers: their demographics, unique or repeat customers, and how they move about within your physical environment. This powerful data helps our customers staff efficiently and create a rewarding experience at their locations.

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Total occupancy, unique visits, repeat visits and duration.

Gesture Analysis

These tools help you understand the customers’ purchase intention, behaviour, product interest as well as merchandise effectiveness. You can view interaction analysis that actually generates sales. Our clients will have access to real time information on what products or services are most interesting to customers.

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Customer’s gender, age, expression and accessories worn.

Face Attribute Analysis

Now you can read people’s faces better and understand specific attributes with powerful facial analysis algorithms that determine age, gender and emotions. The results are high quality with an accuracy rate of 95%. This data helps our clients personalize products and services at their locations.

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Customer’s facial expressions and actions as a consequence.

Zone Management

Accurately visualize important areas within the shopping mall, retail stores, groceries, buildings and events with hot-spot detection, path flows, and display effectiveness. Zone analytics helps store associates to attend to customers faster and ensures products are available at these zones per demand.

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Traffic and activities in each zone of the mall.

Vehicle Analysis

In addition to people analytics we can also provide power data on vehicle demographics: Type, colour, make and model. This powerful data combined with people analytics provides a 360° perspective on what’s happening in your physical property.

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Details of vehicles in use around your property.

Data analysis platform

Our AI software can generate large amount of big data which comes with a simple, easy to use dashboard for clients to get precise information on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis. We provide range of reports such as trend analysis and correlation analysis and executive level reporting. Our data help customers develop winning strategies and build competitive advantages.

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Total occupancy, break up based on gender, age, peak traffic, etc.

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